Aspen Court Senior Living aims to solve the severe lack of accessible, affordable and supportive housing for seniors in the north. An added benefit to the project is the grooming of a healthier northern society and economy.

The new community asset provides a necessary link for seniors and boasts many socio-economic benefits, including:

  • 40 full-time equivalent construction jobs
  • Essential, accessible and well-equipped rooms & housing for seniors
  • A welcoming community hub where individuals, families and groups can spend time together
  • A vital connection to local programming, services and resources that improve health and quality of life outcomes
  • 14 new in-direct positions to support ongoing operations from the local community
  • 8 full-time equivalent positions for personal support workers, community programmers, administration and maintenance staff

Resulting in an overall net contribution of $13,692,378 and the creation of 62 jobs to the local and regional economy, Aspen Court is set to be an indisputable asset to Atikokan.