In the town of Atikokan and surrounding northwest region, seniors are a growing demographic. Most have lived, worked and raised their families in our small northern communities – and we want to keep it that way. Finding safe and affordable housing that is close to home should not be a struggle.

The current reality is bleak, leading many seniors to leave their lifelong home communities in the north due to the drastically short supply in available housing. This means missing out on precious moments with growing grandchildren and lifelong friends. Not only does this shortage affect those looking for privately owned, barrier-free housing units but also long-term care and supportive housing units for seniors with serious health needs or physical challenges.

With nowhere else to go, many seniors find themselves spending their later years in local hospital beds, subsequently affecting the availability of space in our local hospitals for injured and recovering patients.That’s why we’re making a long term commitment to help local seniors stay close to their home and families. We plan to deliver access to high-quality seniors housing in a safe and supportive community environment, including spaces for recreation, health, education and social programming.

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